Hey there! I am so excited you decided to stop by today. If you're on this page, you're probably wondering who the heck I am and why I do what I do, right? Well, Let's start by saying I'm a food-loving, outdoor thriving gal who grew up in Kent and lived in a bunch of places before landing here in the Columbus, Ohio area. Oh, also...

Whaddup?! I'm Amy!

So, what kind of stuff do you like photographing, you ask? I love capturing AUTHENTIC moments as they happen. Whether that be the tears rolling down your partner's cheeks as they see you for the first time on your wedding day or the big, gaping smiles coming from you and your kiddo as you laugh together. Sometimes this takes a little bit of posing until you can feel comfortable and confident, but I want to snap pics of you *as you are*. My goal is for you to feel happy, empowered, and loved. Let me be your hype girl, hair adjuster, dress fluffer, boutonniere pinner AND photographer! I gotchu!

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I love photography!

Okay, so where did this whole photography business thing start? I've always been interested in photography, and so was my late-mom, so this has been something close to my heart for a very long time. After working in marketing for 5 years (with some photography sprinkled in), I decided to make my photography dream a reality!

Magical Minutes
Business and Values

Magical Minutes Values

- Inclusivity: I want people of all identities to feel comfortable with me! I am LGBTQIA+ friendly and open to ALL loving couples.
- Caring: I care so much about each and every client. I genuinely want you to love your experience and your photos.
- Great Communication: I respond to your messages every day (excluding Saturdays, in which case, I'll respond the following day) and check in with you periodically.

More about Amy...

My favorite way to spend my time is with my hubby, Brandon, and rescue dog-ter, Rosie! Brandon and I met on Tinder (holla), after having barely missed each other in person several times, and got married in Chagrin Falls, Ohio in September 2019.

Fun facts:

I LOVE Disney (and used to work there as part of the College Program)!

When Brandon and I got married, we incorporated Beauty and the Beast AND Star Wars into our wedding (because, well, we're nerds).

I love theatre! I love watching shows, listening to musicals, and even getting up on stage to perform!

I got my Bachelor's degree from Bowling Green State University! Go Falcons!

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